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Become an alien hunter with this free online course from Harvard

Different kind of questions have been asked about whether life exist beyond our own planets or not and if it exists then why haven’t someone has contacted us yet? Well now, a new free online course presented by Harvard can provide you the facts that you need to learn about "alien life, how we look for it, and what this shows us about our home in the cosmos." The course is being called "Super-Earths And Life" and it's being presented on the edX platform, a website formed by Harvard and MIT that offers free online courses from the world's top universities. It will be taught by Dimitar Sasselov. Dimitar Sasselov is a professor of astronomy at Harvard and his bio on the course sign-up page says "He is the director of the Origins of Life Initiative, a new interdisciplinary institute that joins biologists, chemists, planetary scientists and astronomers in searching for the starting points of life on Earth (and possibly elsewhere). He is also a co-investigator on NASA's Kepler mission, searching for exoplanets the size of Earth."

The course will chain the up-to-date findings in evolutionary biology with developments that have helped us learn about more and more planets outside our own solar system. The course will start on February 10 and it will last for six weeks and involves a commitment of atleast five hours per week. EdX also offers over 250 other courses in everything from ethics to medicine, and it’s all free.  So are you going to sign up? 

Watch this video below about the course, and then let me know in the comments below.

UPDATE: This course is archived now but the contents of this course are still freely accessible.

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