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Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Might be Wrong

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle has been an essential principle and also an annoyance in quantum mechanics since Heisenberg wrote down that annoying formula in the initial years 20th century. In brief, it states that you cannot find both the position and the momentum of particles. The more definite you are about one, the less definite you are about the other. Currently, with the researchers making leaps in quantum technology, knowing correctly how accurate a measurement you can acquire is very significant. It looks like Heisenberg might have been incorrect. It is essential to know that it still relates, just not as toughly as Heisenberg initially stated.

Image Credit: Dylan Mahler, University of Toronto

As an alternative of taking one huge measurement of a particle, which disturbs the system and makes a ton of uncertainty, a group of researchers from the University of Toronto took a bunch of minor measurements in an effort to relate with the system as slight as probable. Their outcomes were extraordinary, when their measurements were arranged together, these researchers were able to acquire a more precise measurement of their test subject than the Heisenberg uncertainty principle permits. Their study indicates a new mathematical measurement-disturbance ratio generated by Dr. Masanao Ozawa in 2003 is more precise. 

Their results were issued in the journal “Physical Review Letters” and also offered at the Optical Society’s Annual Meeting in September 2013. Now, only time can tell if Heisenberg’s original formula pass the test of study as researchers from around the world effort to repeat these results.

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Anonymous said...

If the man do not have knowledge to determine the certainty of something, he will make am uncertainty "theory"...

AA Fathan

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