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Venus Has Space Weather Explosions That Are Larger Than the Planet

Common space climate occurrences on the borders of the magnetosphere, the magnetic bubble that atmospheres the earth (and defends the surface of the planet from sun’s radiation) are "hot flow anomalies." These are, basically, huge explosions. NASA scientists lately discovered that the same phenomenon follows on Venus, excluding that these massive explosions can be larger than the whole planet and they can occur quite a few times a day. Glyn Collinson, a space researcher at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center says"Not only are they gigantic, but as Venus doesn't have a magnetic field to protect itself, the hot flow anomalies happen right on top of the planet. They could swallow the planet whole."

Collinson's deductions are grounded on observations from the European Space Agency's Venus Express, which display just how huge and how regular this kind of space weather is at Venus.
Earth is sheltered from the continuous flowing solar wind of radiation by its magnetosphere. Venus, conversely, has no defensive magnetic shield. Why not? Researchers ask. How and why did the two planets advance so inversely? What would earth be like lacking its magnetic field? Venus' only defense from the solar wind is the charged outer coating of its atmosphere called the ionosphere. Subtle pressure stability exists between the ionosphere and the solar wind, a balance simply disturbed by the huge energy rush of a hot flow variance. 
Image Credit: NASA

The hot flow anomalies may generate affected, planet-scale disturbances, perhaps extracting the ionosphere up and away from the surface of the planet, which appears to be like a very good thing to not have happening to the our earth.

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