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The Invisible Magnificence of Wireless Networks

Hominids can only see a minor cover of the electromagnetic spectrum, a simple 310nm range. Other animals can also see the ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, but no one can watch the wavelengths used for wireless networks. Just Imagine if we could. Luis Hernan has given us a visualization of what that might look like. Hernan, a PhD student at the Newcastle University, UK, charts wireless signs in a room by means of what he calls the Kirlian Device. Then he interprets the signals into color. In a setback of the real energy of colors, the strongest signals are transformed to red and the weakest into blue.

Hernan said “I call the images ‘spectres’ because wireless networks remind me of ghosts. They are there but you can’t see them with the human eye.” Hernan was motivated by Seymon Davidovich Kirlian, who learned a way to picture electrical discharges. Kirlian, and many supporters, became influenced that they had discovered indication of paranormal phenomenon, associating the images formed with aura and sighted indication of an energy field exceptional to living things. A Kirlian Device App is also accessible for Android phones. Hernan said “I would love other people to get involved and to create their own images using the app. I used it as part of an exhibition of my work, where we hung mobile phones from the ceiling and it showed how signal strength was varying as people moved around the room.” 

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