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Earth's Electromagnetic Field Is Getting Weaker

The Earth's magnetic field, which guards us from different kind of radiation from space, is getting weaker. We don't yet identify why this is, but new indication approves it is happening unequally throughout the planet with some parts getting more defense. Indication of weakening of the magnetic field, and it's geologically unpredictable nature, has been traced for decades, but the November 2013 takeoff of the European Space Agency's three satellite Swarm constellation has permitted extraordinary exactness in measuring these variations. The magnetic field is a consequence of the Earth's iron core performing as a huge magnet. Though, the core is not steady, with the magnetic north and south poles drifting around at rates of around 15 km/year for maximum of last century, and lately accelerating. Over phases of millions of years the poles occasionally shift places, and there is some assumption that such a shift is coming soon, making the plot for a Hollywood flop. The north magnetic pole is presently stirring to Siberia from its position in Canada.
Image Credit: EST/DTU Changes in the Earth's magnetic field strength vary greatly across the planet.

The field averages power of around 40,000nT, so even the damage of 80nT in North America (see above image) is minor. Though, this is in a period of only six months, if this movement lasts long enough the effects might ultimately become serious. A weaker magnetic field would uncover the planet to amplified radiation, both from unfriendly supernovae and from the solar actions, even though there is no confirmation that the doomsday scenario of a planet momentarily without any magnetic field at all has ever happened.  A polarity flip, or radical weakening would not be deadly, as proved by the fact that past variations have not been related with mass destructions, but might uncover power lines and communication structures to much bigger risk. On the optimistic side, auroras should develop more remarkable and extensive. Maximum researchers expect the period will be of the order of millennia, rather than years. The variations are compelled by a composite set of causes, from the core, mantle and crust of the Earth and impacts in space. The main effect is thought to be the convection currents in the molten iron of the core initiating expansion at some points and shrinkage at others. Thee convection currents may occasionally lead to domains where the magnetic field runs in the reverse direction to the main field, stopping part of it out.

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