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CNN Frightens Thousands By Issuing Asteroid Prank

Earlier this week, and for almost a period of approximately 24 hours, a CNN iReport incorrectly claimed that a newly detected asteroid has a approximately 50% chance of striking the Earth in 2041. The story established more than 230,000 hits and 23,000 media shares before it was lastly taken down. Ah, such are the dangers of unvetted and unrevised "citizen journalism" articles. In this case, a user named Marcus575 put composed a piece about this unproven asteroid(you can also see the snapshot of the report):
Click on the image for better view

“Using their Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE), the 10-mile wide object was found approximately 51 million miles from Earth. Scientists believe that during a close encounter with Mars, the asteroid was nudged slightly off its usual orbit and may currently be on a high speed collision course with our fragile planet. The asteroid is calculated to have a potentially lethal encounter with the Earth on March 35, 2041”

Note: the imaginary date of March 35 (most readers clearly didn't noted). The story carries on:

“Astronomers have placed the odds of an impact at 1 in 2.04, which is by far the most unprecedented risk ever faced to humanity, let alone from asteroids. Such an impact could potentially end civilization as we know it”

The story urged NASA to have to reject that the asteroid exists. The article has since been taken down.

(If you find any error or miscalculation in this article then please feel free to share in comment and if you want to expand this article then comment below)

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