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100 Planetary Nebulae: How Many Can You Name?

Planetary nebulae are formed by sun-like stars that are in the process of their death. As revealed in this implausible image, death and devastation in the universe can leave unbelievable structures behind in their wake. Planetary nebulae are a kind of emission nebulae. Due to unidentified procedures, these nebulae take on an extensive range of shapes. Of the dozen or so forms detected to date, the three most plentiful types are spherical, elliptical, and bipolar. These stuffs also have a short lifetime of about 10,000 years. As of that, there are only about 3,000 recognized planetary nebulae. Ultimately, the significant star in the centre that ionized the nebula chills down and turns into a white dwarf leaving these superb nebulae to disappear from view.

Image Credit: Julie Schmidt

This is the evolutionary path our sun is going to take. This image is a compound image that covers images of more than 100 planetary nebulae. How many planetary nebulae can you name? You can see a much bigger image here. Likewise, you can see each nebula categorized here.

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