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The Woman Who Wrote The ‘Most Brilliant Ph.D. Thesis In Astronomy’

First of all, she was a ‘she’. She was a woman in science, in times when women were far from anything related to science. Not that they weren’t capable. It was because they weren’t allowed to do it. It is hard for me, and I think that I can say that about most of us, to imagine such a world, a world where women were treated as they were. Even more shocking, it is hard to imagine that such a world existed just 100 years ago. This shows us, again, how much society can change in such a short time.

Image Credit: Cecilia Payne

But was it Cecilia Payne’s fault that she was born then? Was it her fault for not having the chance to get into science and to do research? It wasn’t. And women today would have asked themselves the same thing today if it weren’t for brave women like her, and a few others back in the last century (such as Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace, Emmy Noether, Vera Rubin, Lise Meitner, Rosalind Franklin, and others). We thank them for their contributions in science, and at the same time, for their courage to pursue science.

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