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NASA 'cuts live feed' just as strange bright object appears on ISS cameras

A mysterious illuminating object dubbed as a "cloaked UFO " was spotted by a conspiracy theorist who was watching the ISS live stream.
The footage, captured on Saturday April 18, shows a rectangular UFO coming into view on the left and appears to be approaching the International Space Station.
When it comes closer and clearer to the camera, the live feed is abruptly cut off and replaces with a red screen.
Seconds later, the feed comes back to NASA 's camera and the UFO disappears.

Purported alien expert Scott Waring, who is well-known for his truly outrageous claims, such as badgers and a woman being spotted on Mars, shared the clip on his YouTube channel.

The rectangular UFO came into view as it approached to the ISS 

The 52-year-old said: "It doesn't look like a light reflection to me.
"They're coming to the lighter side of the Earth from the space station. It looks like the light was beginning to reveal a cloaked UFO."
As he narrates, the screen goes bright red.
"Ooh there it goes, the red screen. Yeah, it's the legendary blue screen [but] updated," he continued.
Scott believes the cloaked UFO was following the space station and it was caught on camera as it entered the lighter side of the Earth.
"It does look like solid, it does look like it's moving also," he added.
The alien expert previously claimed that he saw an "alien face" with eyes, a nose and lips above an ocean on Earth.

NASA's live feed cut suddenly when the mysterious object appeared 
UFO enthusiasts were amazed by the video clip as one said: "I caught this on my channel 3 days ago."
Another one wrote: "Amazing catch! This is a cylinder shaped huge one!
"I’ve seen one just like this on a very clear day three years ago over the Mediterranean Sea and watched it perplexed in awe."

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