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This Gif Explains In Under 10 Seconds Why You Should Stay The Hell At Home

It probably hasn't escaped your notice, but we're in the middle of a global pandemic.
Healthcare professionals everywhere are working extremely hard to deal with the crisis,
which in a lot of countries is about to get a lot worse.

Videos and photos from around the world have shown nurses, doctors, patients, and Italian
mayors pleading with the public at large to take this seriously, and help out where you can.

There is something you can do to help, and doctors and nurses are quite literally begging you
to do it. Nothing right now is more important than keeping physical distance from those
around you.

"Normal flu, if I get it, I'm going to infect on average, about 1.3, 1.4 people. And if those 1.3,
1.4 people gave it to the next lot, that's the second time it gets passed on. By the time that's
happened 10 times, I've been responsible for about 14 cases of flu," intensive care specialist Professor Hugh Montgomery explains in a video for Channel 4 Dispatches below.

"This coronavirus is very, very infectious. So every person passes it to three. Now that doesn't
sound like much of a difference, but if each of those three passes it to three, and that happens
at 10 layers, I have been responsible for infecting 59,000 people."

The numbers involved in the spread are quite difficult to comprehend. It's hard to take in that
by going outside, you could end up causing the infection of nearly 60,000, many of whom will

An illustrated gif by Toby Morris accompanying an article by Dr Siouxise Wiles for
New Zealand online magazine The Spinoff helpfully explains why it's so important to do what
you can to physically distance yourself from others, in under 10 seconds.

Luckily, it's being shared far and wide for those who still don't get it.

Others have created similar visual methods of saying the same thing. This one takes a little
longer, but shows how the measures can help flatten the curve. And I'm sure you've got
another 10 seconds.

Some have been trying to spread the information in, let's say, "less conventional" means.

Whatever it takes, everyone needs to do our bit, whether it's sharing some of the above
graphics, or explaining why staying at home and physical distancing is so important to a
friend or family member. In doing so, you could save thousands of lives.

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