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Photographer Spends Hours in the Ocean Capturing the Different “Moods” of Waves

Photographer Matt Burgess captures the eye-catching beauty of the open waters

through his mesmerizing ocean wave photography. Located in Victoria,

Australia, he dedicates hours in the salty sea with its white-crowned crests

and swirling colors, snapping these mesmerizing moments that are now

frozen in time. The results show the different “personalities” that the deep ocean

has to offer; sometimes, the waters are relatively at peace, and you can catch

sight far beyond its horizon onto dry land. In other instances, the atmosphere is

contentious with colliding tides generated with a breathtaking force.

Burgess provides a variety of images on Instagram, and some of the most

mesmerizing compositions give us an up-close view of the ocean; it’s as if

we were in the water alongside the photographer. These attractive images

focus the glass-like finish of a single wave. Its pleasing reflections carry not

only blues, but purple tones and the cozy colors of the sun.

For the past six years, Burgess has sharpened his eye for ocean photography

and made it a custom in his life. “One thing that draws me to the water most mornings before the sun rises,” he explains, “is the relationship between water and light.” For him, “there is no better way to start the day.

Photographer Matt Burgess devotes

hours in the open waters snapping

stunning ocean wave photography.



Through the mesmerizing imagery,

he shows the different “moods” of the


Matt Burgess: Website | Instagram | Facebook 

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