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2 asteroids to fly closely by Earth this afternoon

Two asteroids recently turned up on the radar and will pass closely by Earth this afternoon.

The first asteroid, name given 2020 FF1, is the smallest of the two. It is 49.21 feet (15 m) in
diameter. It will pass within 437,822 miles (231,170 kilometer) of Earth. This is just 1.8x as far as
our Moon is at its closest point in orbit. It is traveling at a velocity of 12.92 km/s which is
equivalent to 28,901 mile per hour (46,512 km/h).

The second asteroid, named 2020 DP4, is 183.7 feet (26 m) in diameter which is almost 2/3rds
the length of a normal US football field. 2020 DP4 will pass within 837,532 miles (1,347,877
kilometers) of Earth which is about 3.5x the distance of our Moon at its perigee (closest point in
orbit). 2020 DP4 is moving at 8.1 km/s which is equivalent to 18,119 miles per hour (29,160 km/h).

While these two asteroids will pass safely by Earth today, it's a bit worrying to think they were
recently discovered earlier this year. There is so much out there which we don't know about yet?
This is a good cause why our space program must be bigger, so we are much more enlightened of potential dangers to our planet.

NEO Earth Close Approaches at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory:

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