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NASA Brings VOYAGER 2 Fully back online, 11.5 BILLION MILES FROM EARTH

An incredible achievement of remote engineering, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has fixed its most adventurous probe in human history. Voyager 2, is 11.5 billion miles away from Earth, is working and now back online continuing its mission to gather scientific data on the solar system and the interstellar space beyond.

At 10:00 p.m., Eastern, on Wednesday, NASA's voyager twitter account announced the good news that no only voyager 2 is secure, but is back at its vital science mission.

"My twin is back to taking science data, and the team @NASAJPL is evaluating the health of the instruments after their brief shutoff," the account twitted. 

Voyager 2 is sister craft to Voyager 1. Both crafts have been travelling through the solar system and now are beyond the solar system touching the interstellar space - for their four last decades. Together, they have improved our understanding of stellar neighborhood and both are already uncovering outstanding information about the interstellar space beyond Sun's sphere of affect.

In a statement, the space agency reasserted that the voyager 2 is back in business.

"Mission operators report that voyager 2 continues to be stable and that communications between the Earth and the spacecraft are good.

"The spacecraft has resumed taking space data, and now the science teams are evaluating the health of the instruments," NASA said. 

What happened to Voyager 2?

On January 28, NASA shut down the spacecraft because it unexpectedly had run into trouble - for unspecific reasons - the world was shocked.

Inverse said at the time, Voyager 2 went dark right before it was planned for a test in which the space craft rotates 360 degrees in order to adjust one of its instrument on-board.

But the spacecraft didn't not respond. As a result, two of its very important systems which consume a lot of power, were running at the same time, NASA said

The most probable problem, the spacecraft was consuming up too much of its power supply, which activated protection software. The software on its own turns off Voyager 2's science equipment where there is an overload of power. It does not has an infinite power supply. 

 The space agency has not confirmed or denied whether that is what really happened. 
Only time will tell what went wrong.

But voyager 2's mission is not over that is for sure.

If nothing goes wrong it will have five more years to explore, meaning five years of crucial scientific information from an area of space  mankind has no other way to explore.

      (If you find any error or miscalculation in this article then please feel free to share in comment and if you want to expand this article then comment below)

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