NASA Just Received $125 Million To Develop Nuclear Rockets

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Since 1970, this is the first time NASA is getting funding for building nuclear propulsion system for it space vehicles. The good thing is that NASA didn’t even request any money for this type of program. The money NASA is receiving is about $125 million for research in this program. This grant is a part of NASA’s $22.3 billion budget approved by Congress.

Nuclear powered space rockets will play significant part in getting humans to Mars. It will also cut travel time to Mars and ultimately missions beyond Mars.

Congress has already tasked NASA with 2024 Moon landing so this program for nuclear propulsion system is critical for 2024 landings.

Vice President Mike Pence told the National Space Council in March “As we continue to push farther into our solar system, we’ll need innovative new propulsion systems to get us there, including nuclear power”

As of now NASA hasn’t revealed any plans for this type of nuclear programs but we are expecting some news soon.

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