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NASA Finds Perfectly Rectangular Iceberg In Antarctica As If It Was Deliberately Cut

NASA captured the photo as part of Operation IceBridge, a project to to take photos of Earth's polar sections in order to comprehend how ice (thickness, location, accumulation, etc.) has been shifting in recent years. Although the iceberg is relatively bizarre to look at, it is a totally natural phenomenon. Most of us are familiar with witnessing images of angular icebergs with just a small tip projecting out of the water.
NASA image of a tabular iceberg from the Larsen C Ice Shelf.NASA

Still, there is a completely different kind of iceberg called tabular icebergs. Tabular icebergs have sharp, almost vertical sides and a flat plateau top. Tabular icebergs naturally break off of ice shelves, which are tabular bodies of dense ice. When there is a fresh calve of the iceberg, the angles can be almost 90 degrees.

The image of the rectangular iceberg was captured at approximately 20:26 Zulu time last month and are situated about Latitude: -66.8793 Longitude: -59.8820 according to Jefferson Beck, from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/USRA.

You can read more about this here.

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