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Flat Earth Community: Falcon Heavy Launch Was A Hoax Same As Moon Landings

Ever since Donald Trump emerged in media as High Priest of Idiocracy, the very word “hoax” has received new fame. Global warming is a hoax generated by the Chinese. Democrats are hoaxes. And now according to the Flat Earth community, the recent launch of the Falcon Heavy from Cape Canaveral with Elon Musk’s own Tesla Roadster aboard was also a hoax of epic proportions.

The Flat Earth community has gained a lot of following and it also includes some high-profile members. Kyrie Irving, the NBA superstar now a affiliate of the Boston Celtics, is also the one.

After the SpaceX launch, Edwards whacked together a YouTube video called “FLAT EARTH PROOF (ELON MUSK SPACEX FALCON HEAVY WAS FAKE)!!!!” which postures numerous questions such as “Where the f*ck the satellites at?” and “Why ain’t it spinnin’?” Then there is this one which completely closes the deal: “Where the f*ck the stars at?” It’s tough to debate with thoughtful insights like that.

The people at Vice also report that some famous figures of the internet community claim the rocket with the Tesla Roadster inside was a show planned to divert attention away from news that Tesla suffered its biggest ever periodical loss at the end of 2017. 

Others say its all piece of an evil Illuminati plan. They boost their certainty by claiming they see Illuminati symbols implanted in the photos of the Roadster. Now they are even connecting it to the Moon Landings by NASA. Calling it a hoax same as faked landing on Moon by NASA.

Directing the great “The moon landing was a hoax” conspiracy trope, others claim the whole thing was a CGI script or essentially filmed on a back lot at Warner Brothers.

For evidence, they point out that the recording from inside the space pod was shot using a fisheye lens. Q.E.D.  Talk about your reductio ad absurdum!

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