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Mysterious Signals Are Probably Coming From Space Every Second And No One Can Explain Why

At times, scientists observe flashes of radio bursts with astounding levels of energy, which are called Fast Radio Bursts (FRB’S). Such a flash was observed in 2001, a brilliant burst of light breaching the skies was observed. This event was so powerful that in the matter of seconds, power was released that was equivalent to that of 500 million suns.

Just as fast as it had come, the signal disappeared in the matter of milliseconds. 

Ever since such an occurrence in 2001, approximately 30 of such flashes have been identified. However, new estimates indicate that these flashes occur almost every second. Dr.Avi Loeb, science professor of Harvard University, says that “in the time it takes you to drink a cup of coffee, hundreds of FRB’s may have gone off somewhere in the universe.” 

The origins these flashes remain unknown but an explanation may have been found. The FRB 121102 is the only one of such flashes that repeats. In fact, scientists have observed at least 150 flashes from this exact FRB. Because of its high amount of repetitions, it is suggestive that these flashes aren’t originated from a single explosion.

In fact, they could come from a magnetar.

Magnetars are stars like no other-- their density is enormous and their magnetic fields are incredibly powerful. No matter how enigmatic FRB’s are in nature, one thing is certain of them-- they serve as proof of how miniscule our understanding is of the universe.

The universe is beautiful and observations such as these continue to prove this.

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