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Stephen Hawking And 32 Top Physicists Just Signed a Heated Letter on The Universe's Origin

For centuries, humans have puzzled over how our Universe started or came into existence. But the heat just got turned way up on a discussion that's quietly been raging among cosmologists, with 33 of the world's most well-known physicists issuing a letter furiously defending one of the top hypotheses we have for the origin of the Universe.

33 of the world's best physicists, counting Stephen Hawking, Lisa Randall, and Leonard Susskind, have issued their open letter in Scientific American.

This letter is actually a reply to a an article previously published in Scientific American magazine. Three physicists seriously criticized inflation theory - the notion that the Universe expanded just like a balloon soon after the Big Bang. Now this recent letter by 33 of the world's top physicists is a serious reply. 

And they are very angry.

Inflation theory was first offered by cosmologist Alan Guth, now at MIT, back in 1980. It's grounded on the notion that a fraction of a second after the Big Bang, the Universe stretched quickly, spinning entire galaxies out of quantum fluctuations.

Guth's original idea has been improved later several times with new research both theoretical and observational. Guthand two of his fellow researchers shared the famous Dirac Prize "for development of the concept of inflation in cosmology" back in 2002.

The original article called Inflation theory NOT A REAL SCIENCE.  

Now Stephen hawking and many other have responded to that with their research.

You can read the original article here, the responding open letter here, and the original authors' response here.

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