Back with a bang! Top secret Air Force X-37B lands with a sonic boom after spending two YEARS in space but they still won't say what it was doing up there

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An unmanned military space plane landed at Kennedy Space Center Sunday with a sonic boom.

The reusable X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle's (OTV-4) return concluded an almost two-year mission in orbit, according to the US Air Force.

The Air Force tweeted shortly after 8am that the vehicle had landed safely, marking the conclusion of its fourth classified mission, which lasted more than 700 days.

The unmanned X-37B, which resembles a mini space shuttle, landing on a runway used by the now-mothballed craft.

The Boeing-built space plane blasted off in May 2015 from nearby Cape Canaveral Air Force Station aboard an Atlas 5 rocket built by United Launch Alliance, a partnership between Lockheed Martin Corp and Boeing Co.

The X-37B, one of two in the Air Force fleet, conducted unspecified experiments for more than 700 days while in orbit. It was the fourth and lengthiest mission so far for the secretive program, managed by the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office.

The Air Force said the orbiters 'perform risk reduction, experimentation and concept-of-operations development for reusable space vehicle technologies.'
However, the exact nature of the mission and its cost is classified.

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