We Just Entered a New Age in Space. Here’s How

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Some decades ago, it was a general opinion that only governments and national entities were leading the space race. For instance the space race between the Soviet Union and United States. It was more like a competition at that time. This resulted into several revolutionary space technologies. The best example for this is the International Space Station- the united effort of five space agencies.

But the last time we went to the moon was some 40 years ago and ISS is also 20 years old. So we certainly need something new.

Now the times have changed because it seems like the fate of our space dream is in the hands of a new generation of entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. This is the age of privatized space.

Commercial space companies, like SpaceX and Blue Origin, are taking space out of the hands of governments and giving it to the people.

Now this is where I would to mention New York Center for Space Entrepreneurship (NYCSE). Briefly their chief goal is to accelerate humanity’s journey into space by making space affordable.

They plan to achieve this by working with companies, investors, and other entities interested in space travel.

You can learn the detailed view of how they will work here. Co-founder of NYCSE, Sidney Nakahodo, says: “our space projects are transforming at an unprecedented rate. He states that the “convergence of decreasing costs, access to launching opportunities, and fast technology evolution has propelled innovation in new products, services, and business models” is and ushering is into “a new era of space entrepreneurship.”

In case you missed it, NYCSE’s initiatives were unveiled at Knotel.

Lastly, I would like to give my personal opinion here, this is the real deal and we are about to witness a completely new era of space exploration. I am very excited about it, are you?
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