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Calculations Suggest We Could One Day Build a Rocket That Travels 99.999% the Speed of Light

The sky fascinated the human race even from the ancient times and now, in the age of technology, we have different perspectives of the same dream we always had: to travel into space. But what if we can do it almost at the speed of light? A professor of quantitative finance from Norway, Espen Gaarder Haug thinks this field is no longer bounded to imagination and might become reality by using photon rockets.

These spacecrafts use photons as driving mechanisms. Although this sounds very exciting, we still have a long way to improve our knowledges about the complexity of particle physics.

Even though this idea may now seem a little bit unreal, professor Haug says that 99,999% the speed of light can be the maximum speed which a rocket could be able to get. Seems, indeed, incredible but this could be possible as long as none of the particles moves faster than the speed of light and there wasn’t found any evidence that some of them (or even a single one of them) could move so fast.

There is still a possiblity that these rockets could use any fuel providing that it can be converted into energy. Unfortunately, for this we need an even larger and stronger particle accelerator than the Large Hadron Collider.

Using mathematics and physics, the gates of outer space are now open to the humans.Things that once were purely impossible to understand seem now to be actually normal. Who may know if this photon rocket is going on the same way? Until the mankind’s dream becomes reality, we will certainly have to wait for it.

Meanwhile you can read the whole research paper of professor Espen Gaarder Haug here.

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