These Literally Just 12 Awesome Physics GIFs Will Blow You Mind

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Physics is just equations and theoretical. Physics is way more than that. Everything around you is physics. Everything is one way or the other connected to physics. We just need to see harder. Physics can be seen everywhere in action just like in the gifs that we have selected. Let’s start with zoom-in that really gives you a sense of scale:

Or this zoom-out that does the same:

This terrifying yet captivating above-ground atomic bomb test:

This equally terrifying and equally captivating underwater nuke test:

This first-hand view of Curiosity landing on Mars:

This view of a space shuttle launch:

These amazingly captured Spacex’s rocket landings:

This ominous volcanic eruption:

This massive Solar flare:

And finally, just for the hell of it, this slow-mo video of a man-made firenado:

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