Scientists Created A Wormhole In A Lab

The concept of Wormholes is still theoretical and according to this concept its theoretical passages through space-time. Back in August 2015, researchers at the Autonomous University of Barcelona made a magnetic wormhole, which seems to transfer a magnetic field through what the researchers call "an extra special dimension." The concept of this magnetic worthwhile is pretty much same as the wormhole n space-time. Watch the video below to learn about how they did it.

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Scientists Created A Wormhole In A Lab Scientists Created A Wormhole In A Lab Reviewed by Umer Abrar on 11/10/2016 Rating: 5


  1. I take it that since they're using a meta-material isn't any actual quantum tunneling involved? The technological implications are very interesting though. Be interesting to see the separation distance between the "pseudo" monipoles

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