According to Einstein Time is an Illusion, and Here is the Proof

Time is actually relative, and flexible and, according to Albert Einstein himself, "the dividing line between past, present, and future is an illusion". Below in the video Prof. Brian Greene explains this concepts beautifully…. So watch and learn.

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According to Einstein Time is an Illusion, and Here is the Proof According to Einstein Time is an Illusion, and Here is the Proof Reviewed by Umer Abrar on 5/09/2016 Rating: 5

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  1. I call it a fairy-tale physics!!! We need to understand the basic elements of reality – light, matter and force, space and time – and how these elements combine together to construct the universe. In fairy-tale physics, we lose sight of the empirical content, almost completely. Yes, of course there are references to photons and quarks and electrons, space-time and quantum ripples, but these are broadly qualitative, not quantitative, references. I believe that damage is being done to the integrity of the scientific enterprise. The damage isn't always clearly visible and is certainly not always obvious. If we don't look for it, we won't notice that the foundations are being undermined until the whole structure comes down on our heads. Once the error is placed in the ground like a foundation stone, everything is built on it. Most people prefer to speculate about difficult things rather than finding the truth in the simple ones. All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. For start: what we measure as mass? Is it true that time-space may be band? What we measure as speed of light? Is value c really max speed of transfer of information in a quantum time-space? or ..If there is one theme underpinning contemporary theoretical physics, it seems to be an innate inability to calculate anything, with the no-so-apologetic caveat: well, it still might be true. Neither mathematical beauty nor agreement with experiment can guarantee that the ideas a theory is based on bear the slightest relation to reality. Sometimes we fool ourselves badly, as individuals and as a society. There are some wrong assumptions we are all making. Contemporary picture of physics and astrophysics looks more like a surrealistic painting. Let it be known and have a look at the painting. In a focal point is a particle /God particle / and sitting in rows millions of small particles, waiting for the “mass”. A canvas-stretcher is like a harp with millions strings. Equally you may fill vibrations of strings playing a symphony from the "big bang". But, look carefully, it seems that cosmic dust is the source of this cosmic microwave background. Motes of cosmic dust are bobbing on strings and brans. There are other dimensions rolled into structures of a resilient time-space. Between strings and brans, you may see particles of dark matter. Use more imagination and you may see particles of dark antimatter. You may see not only an enormous amount of symmetry, but also supersymmetry. SUSY is a particle kind of symmetry which involve displacement in a quantum dimension. If you can convince yourself that force and substance are the same thing, just seen from different perspectives, you may achieved a new level of unity and coherence in understanding of Nature. Look for my book, "Theory of Everything, Cheat Sheet for Scientists". It should be on AMAZON this year.


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