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GOOD NEWS!! NASA’s Kepler Spacecraft Has Been Recovered from Emergency Mode

On April 4th this month, the Kepler spacecraft team contacted planet-hunting spacecraft. The researchers were ramping up for Campaign 9, an unusual observing mission that would flip the spacecraft around to look past Earth at the vast center and search for rogue planets moving through interplanetary space. The Kepler spacecraft was in fine health that day and working as normal. But when the Kepler team tried to contact Kepler on April 7th, they discovered that Kepler Spacecaft is in an emergency mode. Something must have gone wrong 14 hours before any exercises had even initiated. The emergency mode occurrence was a quite a concern, as it drives the spacecraft to burn extra fuel to stay turned toward Earth for communication purposes.

After a long weekend, the Kepler Spacecraft team has now reported that the spacecraft has been recovered and is now functional in its lowest fuel-burn mode. Engineers are presently downloading data, and over the next week will be analyzing Kepler's systems to both check its general health and conclude what triggered the system shutdown.

The Kepler team has also canceled the spacecraft emergency that was confirmed in order to provide the spacecraft primacy contact to the Deep Space Network that NASA uses to communicate with all solar system probes. Kepler Spacecraft has previously gone through this sort of problems for nine time now and is called as “The Space Cat with Nine Lives”

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