This new experiment will allow us to 'see' quantum entanglement with the naked eye

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An experiment that will let humans to directly observe quantum entanglement for the first time has been developed by scientists in Switzerland, and they say the similar method could be used to quantum entangle two people. As it would be extremely cool to be the first person ever to observe quantum entanglement with your own eyes, the experiment has been intended to answer some significant and far-reaching questions, for instance what does quantum entanglement really look like, and what does it feel like to be entangled with another human being?

Quantum entanglement is so mysterious and hard to understand that even Einstein himself struggled with it. Einstein’s problem was that for quantum entanglement to work, it had to go in contradiction of his special theory of relatively, as it necessitates information to travel faster than the speed of light. This encouraged him to refer to entanglement as "spooky action at a distance", which is essentially Einstein's way of saying he believed the whole thing was absurd. But it is not.

Now coming back to this experiment, the human eye is fundamentally a photon detector, so, theoretically, we should be able to substitute the photon detecter in an entanglement detecting experiment with a human eye, and use people to witness the procedure instead.

The experiment would only need to send numerous pairs of entangled photons to the human photon detector, and the procedure would have to be repetitive for them to approve statistically if entanglement has actually taken place.

The details of the theoretical experiment have been issued on the pre-print website You can learn more about this here.
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