This Incredible Futuristic Aircraft Design Shows What Air Travel Will Look Like in 2050

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This awesome futuristic aircraft could be one of the way people use for long journeys in the year 2050. With a thorough design inside and out, the model plane contain a huge cabin with 1,000 seats, virtual reality headsets, live image projections on the walls instead of windows and open living room anticipated to improve the passenger experience. The enormous curved plane is the idea of a group from Airport Parking & Hotels and Imperial College London, who set out to forecast what the future of air-flight could accurately be like in next 30 to 40 years.

With a comprehensive reconsideration, the team, counting aircraft design PhD student Adam Omar, came up with an advanced plane that endures some of the hallmarks of today’s aircrafts and next-generation technology. Thanks to its combined wing design its fuselage would be extensive and shorter and it wouldn’t have a tail wing, and it would be driven by six biofuel machines at the back of the plane. The extended body, with bigger wings, would offer cabin space for up to 1,000 travelers, but the designers say the airplane would have more room than today’s planes regardless of having so many people on board.
Image: premium cabin

As the plane has very few windows, Transparent LCD screens on the walls show the view outside or films, or any other sort of entertainment stuff.
Image: wraparound virtual reality headsets that display 3D films and programmes

Backseat monitors would use the technology of the past but replaced with virtual reality headsets that are assembled with the seats with wraparound screens that show films or games in full 3D. These screens are aimed to automatically fold away on departure and landing or any event of an emergency.

In order to improve the passenger experience, the team targeted to design a plane that is way more fuel efficient and less dangerous to the environment. Automatically excluding the dependence on fossil fuels. You can learn more about this design here.
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