This Easy to Understand Scale Model of Our Solar System Is Mind-Blowing

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Using a drone over football field, some peas, a few pepper flakes, grapes, and few people playing soccer, Mark Rober ingeniously constructed what is possibly the easiest and coolest way to understand scale model of our solar system. What’s even more exciting is that he involved Planet Nine too in the scale model just to display how damn far that anonymous planet ten times the mass of Earth is. If we consider Sun as a soccer ball and if Earth was the size of a head of a pin circling 26 yards away, Planet Nine (symbolized with a pea) would be 17.5 miles away from all of that.

The smartest trick with this scale model is Rober’s use of the drone. At some points it become much too far to see the soccer ball Sun, the drone gets shot straight up in the air to let us see precisely where the orbits of each planet is in relation to each other.
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