The Impossible EmDrive Is Finally Under Peer Review And Researchers Are Confident For Positive Reults

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NASA's Eagleworks Laboratories has verified that a research paper on the highly controversial space propulsion technology EmDrive is under peer review process, which appears to point out that the scientists are quite confident of having important results to reveal. Eagleworks engineer Paul March said “The Eagleworks Lab is NOT dead and we continue down the path set by our NASA management. Past that I can't say more other than to listen to Dr Rodal on this topic, and please have patience about when our next EW paper is going to be published. Peer reviews are glacially slow”

EmDrive was initially introduced by British scientist Roger Shawyer in 1999, based on the theory of special relativity, electricity transformed into microwaves and fired inside a closed cone-shaped cavity makes the microwave particles to apply more force on the flat surface at the big end of the cone (i.e. there is less united particle momentum at the narrow end due to a reduction in group particle velocity), in so doing generating thrust.

Many researcher claimed that it impossible to work and due criticism this idea went off the news for years. But even after years of being mocked by the international scientific community, Roger Shawyer and the EmDrive unexpectedly rocked back into the news in 2015. And if this actually turns out to work, EmDrive could reach Pluto in only 18 months. Learn more about this here.

Well if this turns to be practical and workable, it’s going to be the next huge mile for space exploration.
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