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Physicists Propose New Method To Teleport The Memory of a Living Creature

For the first time ever, physicists have recommended a method for teleporting the memory out of a living creature to whole another location, while also proposing a way to construct a Schrödinger's cat-like situation, where this being hypothetically exists in two places at the same time. At this phase, they’ve only learned how to do this to bacteria, but they say understanding more about this could be the key to teleporting more multifaceted things.

Image: Science China Press

Tongcang Li from Purdue University, said "We propose a straightforward method to put a microorganism in two places at the same time, and provide a scheme to teleport the quantum state of a microorganism. I hope our unconventional work will inspire more people to think seriously about quantum teleportation of a microorganism and its potential applications in the future."

When physicists here talk about the memory of a living creature, they’re not talking about memories about its own life. It’s the memory of the being’s existence at very atomic level - its internal quantum state.

The research refers to work published by famous Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger back in 1935, in which he legendarily suggested that a cat could exist in different states called 'superpositions', in two or more places simultaneously, until it was observed. Fundamentally, the cat might be in both dead and alive states in dissimilar places until someone really observed it.

Now Tongcang Li and his associates say that if they cooled a common type of bacteria - called mycoplasma - down to a frozen state, you could not only accomplish a quantum superposition state like what Schrödinger’s cat hypothetically ended up in, but you could also permit for its quantum state to be teleported somewhere else.

Li told Ian Sample at The Guardian "We propose to simply put a small microbe on top of the aluminum membrane. The microbe will also be in a superposition state when the aluminum membrane is in a superposition state. The principle is quite simple,"

Learn more about this here.

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