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NASA Releases New Image Of Sun Showing Strange Bright Spots

As seen from the surface of Earth, the sun appear pretty unchanging from day to day. But a closer gaze in a new magnetic map discloses that it’s teeming with activity—and with some fascinating bright spots. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory [SDO] shared this new magnetic map they assemble of the sun to display all the magnetic activity happening after taking a sequence of measurements on the solar surface. You can see the full image below:

Magnetic lines of sun
                                  Image: NASA/SDO/AIA/LMSA

But that’s not it yet, there’s also something strange going on. Take a closer look at at the lines—they’re not just jumping outwards wildly, there’s an order to it. The lines touch on the brightest points of the sun only. That’s probably because those bright points are the regions that are most magnetically active, when scientists look at the magnetic field lines they can also observe how those dynamic regions are moving and changing.

Learn more about this here:

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