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Earth Set For Its Closest Encounter With A Comet In Centuries: Monday Will See TWO Bodies Fly Close To Earth

The upcoming week is going to be an important one for astronomers, Earth will have one of the closet encounters ever witnessed with a passing comet. Two twin-like comets will fly by the Earth at very safe distance, with the first happening on Monday March 21, and the second one will take place the following day. According to NASA, these two objects will come 'extraordinarily close,' with the second comet approaching 2.2 million miles from Earth, the third closest flyby in recorded in the present history.

The first comet to pass by is named 252P/LINEAR. Scientists at the MIT's Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) spotted the 750-foot-large object on April 7, 2000. And it will pass Earth at approximately 3.3 million miles away. The second comet was spotted just a few months ago by astronomers at the University of Hawaii's PanSTARRS telecope on Haleakala, on January 22, 2016. Although it was at first believed to be an asteroid, the team at the University of Maryland and Lowell Observatory using the Discovery Channel Telescope detected its dim tail. This categorized the object a comet, it’s been named P/2016 BA14.

The comet, P/2016 BA14, will fly by Earth at only 2.2 million miles, with just two others coming closer in the planet's documented history. 

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