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The most promising experiments that will discover if aliens are real

We still haven’t found any evidence of the existence of alien life, because our technology is at its only beginning. Scientists and engineers are trying to answer the frequently asked question, Are we alone? Here are six ways scientists plan to solve this conundrum in the recent and coming years:

Exploring the red planet -Mars: Scientists consider that Mars was once a place having the conditions to accommodate life. If that’s so, their remains are probably buried deep under the ground. Robots can’t dig much deeper, so we need astronauts to do so and to gather enough information about if life ever existed there.

Exploring the Jupiter's tiny moon Europa: Jupiter’s tiny moon Europa is considered to have an ocean, bigger than anything of Earth. We’ll need to land a robot on it to drill its icy surface. NASA has moved forward with plans to launch its first mission to Europa in the 2020s.

Some say we should shout: The new group called Active SETI-Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, suggests that we should send signal in space to check for the signs of alien life. One of the group's leaders, psychologist Douglas Vakoch, is leading a project called "Earth Speaks" that asks everyone around the world to describe what message they'd transmit on behalf of all humanity.

We might just need to look: Up till now SETI institute has been using radio dishes to listen for signs of aliens. But now SETI is designing an instrument that could visualize the optical regime for any strange signals from intelligent ET.

Studying exoplanet’s atmosphere: Another reliable strategy is to study the atmosphere of exoplanets, which are present beyond our solar system, those exoplanets might have the potential to harbor life. The next generation of giant telescopes will have the capability to explore the chemical composition of the atmosphere of these exoplanets.

The fourth Domain of life: Finding alien life beyond the Earth might be far off. Scientists are endeavoring to study the class of never-before discovered life here on Earth, they call it the fourth Domain.  At the moment, the three known domains are Archaea, Bacteria and Eukaryote. Each domain has a specific RNA gene structure that discriminates it from the other groups. In 2014, a team of researchers at the Joint Genome Institute, proposed an experiment that would search for a fourth domain of life on Earth.

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