Terrafugia claims its Flying car "TF-X" will be ready to take to the skies by 2018

The US Company ‘Terrafugia’ claims that its TF-X will be ready to fly in years to come. According to Massachusetts-based Terrafugia, this prototype is expected to get ready by 2018, and then it will be presented for public for sale. Today traffic is the major issue, but commuters would be at ease in near future when these flying cars will be made public.

The company’s designed prototype has fold-out wings with thin electric motors attached to each end, and will be operated by a 300 horsepower engine. This vehicle will move with a speed of 322 kilometers per hour with a flight range of about 805 kilometers. This TF-X will be semi-autonomous, so that the passengers siting in it simply enter where they want to go. It has space for four passengers. The possessor will need a driver and a special driving license.

The company says that the TF-X operator will have final say over whether the consented landing zone is a safe place to land, and they may terminate the landing attempt at any time. The prototype was revealed at the Experimental Aircraft Association's annual fly-in in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Last year the company unveiled a flying car- Transition, accommodating 2 passengers, costs about $261,000.

The team members behind the creation are Carl Dietrich, Samuel Schweighart, Anna Mracek Dietrich, Alex Min and some other colleagues from the University, and they say that the Transition is our vision for the future of personal transportation. They said “We have been dreaming about flying cars from the beginning of 20th century. The Transition street-legal airplane is the first step on the road to the practical flying car.”

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Terrafugia claims its Flying car "TF-X" will be ready to take to the skies by 2018 Terrafugia claims its Flying car "TF-X" will be ready to take to the skies by 2018 Reviewed by Umer Abrar on 2/22/2016 Rating: 5


  1. Flying car is really a nice idea. With the innovation of technology hope soon it will be accessible by every person.

  2. A few days ago, somebody solicited me to compose a number from articles on flying cars. Maybe you are similar to me, and you grew up expecting that at this point flying cars would exist, yet they don't. Now that I'm more established, I comprehend why, however I'm not extremely glad about it.

  3. It looks great And there are 2 year left to wait for this flying car to be sold widely? thanks for your share

  4. Flying car is worth being expected. I will wait for it. Thank you for this information.

  5. Wow, the car looks gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Flying car? Such a good but luxury idea. It looks like a helicopter! But I will waiting for it anyway.


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