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Researchers have just set the record for the fastest data transmission rate EVER

Scientists, from UK, have just set a new record for the fastest ever data transmission rate between a single transmitter and receiver. They reached a rate of 1.125 terabits per second by means of an optical communications system. For an example, the data rate researchers have achieved would let the whole HD Games of Thrones series to be downloaded in just 1 second. The current speed defining 'superfast' broadband is 24 megabits per second (Mb/s) and the speed researcher have achieved is almost 50,000 times greater.
Payless Images/Shutterstock.com

Optical communications systems permit super-speedy data transmission by transferring pulses of light over an optical fiber as an alternative of using an electric current to transfer information. On the most elementary level, it comprises a transmitter, for instance a light-emitting diode that alters and transmits an electronic signal into a light signal, and a receiver, which changes the light back into electricity.

The way Maher and his associates set up their new system was to pool 15 different channels over which to send the data, and each one transmits an optical signal of a unlike wavelength.

When the information touches its endpoint, they’re united and served into a single optical receiver with super-high bandwidth for handling. The team calls this 15 channel system a "super-channel", and it’s the significant method to hitting such crazy transfer speeds.

The details have been issued in Scientific Reports

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