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Physicists are about to make a huge announcement about Gravitational Waves this Thursday

Now, about 100 years after Einstein’s prediction about gravitational waves or curves in space-time, caused by massive objects in universe, the research is expected to end up with a successive result. Scientists are about to announce that they have detected the ripples in the fabric of space-time. A press conference has been arranged on this Thursday, 11th February at 10:30am EST (2.30am on Friday AEDT).

Image Credit: Daniela Illing/

If the evidence of gravitational waves has been discovered, it will mark a huge break-through in our concepts about how the universe was initiated. Until now no one’s ever been able to detect them. That’s because these are extremely difficult to detect. According to General Theory of Relativity proposed by Einstein-a century ago, gravitational waves describe how mass in the Universe affects the shape of space. Due to these gravitational waves, the fabric of space-time around a massive object can become curved, and this curviness can then ripple out elsewhere in space, like how seismic waves propagate in Earth's crust.

To detect them, physicists created the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory or LIGO. This observatory consists of detectors in Washington and Louisiana, directed to observe any passing gravitational waves by evaluating the extremely small changes they produce in two 4 kilometer long pipes. 

It is still difficult to observe them as they are coming to us from the other side of universe and are extremely small, nearly the billionth diameter of an atom.

On Thursday, it is considered that LIGO scientists will announce the evidence of the existence gravitational waves, and these waves were supposed to have originated from the merging of two huge black holes.

Professor of astrophysics at Oxford University, Pedro Ferreira told “People are tremendously excited. The rumor is that it’s a big signal, in other words, it’s unambiguous, and that is fantastic."


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