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The Fermi Paradox: Alien Life Has Not Been Discovered Because It Is All Dead

Researchers say that if the life has ever existed in some other planets, maybe it would not be there now. They put forward the concept that the planets would change much in a short period of time, that there is hardly to be any life now. The scientists propose a new theory, published in Astrobiology “The Gaian Bottleneck”, they suggest that only a small number of biological-existence evade from extinction instantly after their emergence.  According to this theory life needs to change quickly to create greenhouse gases and water.

The lead author of the research, Aditya Chopra from The Australian National University said “Perhaps, the Universe is filled with habitable planets, so most of the scientists consider it should be teeming with aliens. Early life is not continual, so we believe it hardly evolves quickly enough to survive.”  We are trying to find planets in the space where life exists. But these scientists think that there are less chances of existence of life on those planets. If their theory were correct, that could indicate that at some time, Venus and Mars were suitable for the existence of life.

Though, it didn’t change rapidly to stop Mars from turning into a huge ball of ice and Venus from becoming a sauna, as they are today.

Chopra said “Many early planetary environments are labile. To originate a habitable planet, it requires the regulation of water and carbon dioxide to keep the temperature stable.” He also said “The conundrum of why we haven’t yet discovered the aliens may have less to do with the probability about the origin of life or intelligence and have more to do with the scarcity of the swift emergence of biological regulation of feedback cycles on planetary surfaces.”

At present, there are 24 planets that are considered to have adequate environment for life to exist, and 24 more are expected to get acceptance.    

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