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Physicists Have Managed To Tie A Quantum Knot For The First Time

Scientists have been trying to create quantum knots for several years, but there were several problems with it, and now a team of scientists managed to create quantum knots. It is hard to imagine these objects, they are particle-like rings or loops in a quantum field tied together. These quantum knots are created in a superfluid of quantum matter called Bose-Einstein Condensate. The chief researcher, Mikko Möttönen of this study said “Physicists have been theoretically predicting to tie quantum knots, but nobody ever figured out how to fulfill this experiment.
Image Credit: David Hall

Now we are excited to study their distinctive properties. Our research is associated to a multiple set of research fields including cosmology, fusion power, and quantum computers." These knots of BEC also known as Knotty Solitons, make rings and loops that spin forward with a constant speed without losing its shape. The BEC superfluid is made up of a series of points in space having appropriate orientation. These knots are topologically stable and hence can’t be broken easily. According to Möttönen's research partner, David Hall, after learning how to tie the first quantum knot, we would become rather good at it, up to now, we have tied several hundred such knots.

The tying of the knot takes less than a thousandth of a second.

The researchers believe that one day it would also assist in the development of a topological quantum computer. Such a design would braid qubits into a kind of knot; different kinds of braids would encode different computational tasks. Learn more about this here.

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