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"Big Bang Was A Mirage From Collapsing Higher-Dimensional Star" --Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

An astrophysicist Niayesh Afshordi at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Canada said “For all physicists know, dragons could have come flying out of the singularity”. Big Bang was a mirage created by the collapsing of a Four-Dimensional star. That’s the surprising theory proposed by the Canadian Niayesh Afshordi. The Planck results prove that the inflation was right but he didn’t explain that how it happened. Recent studies have shown that how inflation occurred by the motion of the Universe contained within a higher dimensional reality.

 In our Universe, a black hole is bounded by a spherical surface called an event horizon. In a higher-dimensional or four-dimensional universe, a black hole could have a three-dimensional event horizon, which could have an entire new universe. The scientific story called the Big Bang has been commanding for decades, which says that the explosion of an infinite dense point or a singularity was responsible for the birth of our Universe. But nobody knows that what would have triggered this explosion. 

It is hard to describe that how a fierce Big bang would have left behind a Universe that has reached temperature equilibrium in a less time. Many cosmologists say that shortly after the inception of time the Universe started to inflate at a rate faster than the speed of light.

In that way, a small area of almost normal temperature would have extended in the wide cosmos we see today and started to inflate. But Afshordi does not agree. He says that the Big Bang was so brutal, it’s not comprehensible yet that there would have been even a small area to inflate.

In their study, Afshordi and his colleagues observed a proposal made in 2000 by a team including Gia Dvali, a physicist now at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, Germany.  According to that theory, our Universe is a "brane" contained within a higher-dimensional "bulk" universe.
Afshordi and his team observed that the four dimensional stars of this bulk universe could collapse and form 4D black holes. Just like the huge stars in our universe, they violently discharge their outer layers and their inner layer forms a black hole.

In our universe, a 3D black hole has a 2D event horizon while in the bulk Universe the event horizon of a 4D black hole would be a 3D shape called hypersphere. Afshordi says “Astronomers measured that expansion and extrapolated back that the Universe must have begun with a Big Bang — but that is just a mirage”.

Dvali praises the theory put forward by Afshordi by saying “The singularity is the most fundamental problem in cosmology and they have rewritten history so that we never encountered it. Whereas the Planck results prove that inflation is correct, they leave open the question of how inflation happened”.

This theory explains the uniformity of our Universe. Because the bulk universe could have existed for an infinite long time giving sufficient opportunities to many parts to set equilibrium. The European Space Agency's Planck space observatory has noticed minute temperature changes in the cosmic microwave background. Ashfordi says that he is refining the theory so it will more closely fit the new observations.

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