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This 1-Minute Animation Will Change Your Perception Of Life In The Universe

Out in the cosmos there are thousands or even millions of Earth-like planets, which are light-years from our solar system. If alien life is anything like what we see on Earth, then there are many chances of its existence. 17,000 extra-solar planets or Earth-like planets have been discovered including todays discoveries, with the help of NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope. Ethan Kruse, a student at the University of Washington, has found a unique way to visualize these planet, which is quite attractive or oddly humbling. 

He made an awesome animated video, in which every circle is planet and our solar system is on the far right. Every exoplanet identified by the Kepler Telescope is here but sizes are not scaled just to make each planet visible. Other solar system can contain more than one planet just like ours. The animation shows a jaw-dropping visualizing of 1,705 Earth-like planets revolving in 685 planetary systems.

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