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NASA Is Planning On Giving Everyone The Chance To Journey To Mars... Via Virtual Reality

2016 is considered to be the year of big break through about virtual reality. For this purpose Oculus, HTC and Sony are going to release VR headsets in the next 12 months. And for beginners, a new VR experience is designed to give a taste of what life would be like on Mars. According to Fortune report, the Mars 2030 Experience is going to debut in March in Texas with the collaboration between NASA, Digital News Outlet Fusion and MIT’s Space Systems Laboratory. By the use of these headsets, it is going to be compatible with the cheaper Gear VR from Samsung and DIY kits based on Google Cardboard.

Image Credit: Fusion/NASA

Virtual Reality is the perfect technology to explore the different parts of Earth and of Universe without going through the trouble of travelling. VR has been introduced for the last couple of years and now the hardware and software have become powerful enough to create a realistic experience and that is affordable for consumers. This would not be the Hollywood-filtered version of Mars. The developers say that it is going to be accurate as it is based on the data NASA has collected about the planet. Users will be able to take a series of mini-missions much like the first astronauts to land on Mars will be tasked with planned “Manned-Missions”  and hence the name of VR experience.

We are already using VR technology to train astronauts and in spacecraft simulations, so it seems logical to extend this technology to educate the next generation in a captivating way.

This experience would be true to reality and highly engaging when it will be launched in summer 2016. If anyone doesn’t have a VR headset, some apps will also be available on IOS and Android.

The developers say ”We are excited to provide an experience that will take the viewer to the astronaut’s seat”.     

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