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Watch Stunning Video of Jet-man Flying Alongside Emirates A380 Superjumbo

Is it a Bird?! Or is it a plane?! No – it's Jetman! The adrenaline junkie who makes headlines by travelling above the clouds with nothing but just a jetpack has done it once again, flying with his fellow alongside an Emirates A380 airliner. At first, the video appears like an advertisement for Emirates, with the A380 impressively flying over the Dubai skyline – but 20 seconds in, something out of the normal occurs (and it's enough to make anybody with a fear of heights turn away). Swiss daredevil Yves Rossy – admiringly known by his fans as Jetman – and Vince Reffet surprisingly drop down from above, and start flying beside the superjumbo.

It's an inspiring feat, but one that was sensibly arranged. The plane traveled at just 1,219 meters (4,000 feet), while the aircraft and two men flew in two holding outlines. A film crew in a helicopter documented the feat from 304 meters (1,000 feet) above, Engadget reported.

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