This Is Huge: NASA's Put A Call Out For New Astronauts To Crew Missions To Mars

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Many of us, obviously, grew up wanting to become astronauts at one point or another, with visions of exploring space. Well, US citizens now have a perfect chance to turn those dreams into a realism, as NASA has declared that from December 14, it'll be processing applications for new astronauts for the first time in past two years. And those nominated will have the chance to travel to Mars. This is not the end of the announcement, it even gets better, the entry requirements have relaxed since the last enrolment round, with 20/20 vision no longer being a pre-requisite, and no age limits in place. You do need to have attained a bachelor's degree in a STEM field and have at least three years’ involvement of related professional experience, but that leaves a pretty big number of people with US citizenship who are qualified to apply.

In the statement released just a few hours ago, NASA mentioned that they would be accepting applications through the USAJobs site from December 14 to mid-February, with applicants announced in mid-2017. The astronauts nominated in this class will have the chance to fly on four different vessels during the course of their career – the International Space Station, two commercial crew spacecraft that are presently being developed, and the Orion deep-space exploration vehicle, which is the spacecraft that will take people to Mars in the 2030s.

Full application requirements are here, and from December 14, you can apply for the astronaut program here.
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