NASA’s Released A Prototype Of The Spacesuit Astronauts Will Wear On Mars And It is Amazing

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Humans are heading to Mars in the mid-2030s, and NASA has also started recruiting astronauts for this job. You can see the requirements here and you can also apply. Before this all process goes into second phase NASA has provided another insight into its awesome mission to Mars. NASA has released prototype of what astronauts will be wearing when they touch down on the Red Planet for the first time. NASA revealed its initial images of the Z-2 spacesuit advanced prototype just last month, and it seems a lot more modern than the white extravehicular mobility unit that astronauts are currently using. Z-2 spacesuit are basically designed to allow astronauts to explore a foreign planet like Mars. Here’s what it looks like now from the front:
Image Credit: NASA

According to NASA "The suit is designed for maximum astronaut productivity on a planetary surface – exploring, collecting samples, and maneuvering in and out of habitats and rovers”. The spacesuit is also made with modifiable shoulders and waste to permit a variety of crew members to fit into only one suit. But in spite of that flexibility, the Z-2 is extremely tough, and has a solid upper torso. This particular prototype has reformed quite a bit since its origins. The Z-2 was initially selected last year as part of a public poll, surpassing two other designs to be the suit nominated to go Mars. And here’s what it looks like now from the back:
Image Credit: NASA

As you can clearly see, the design is still very much Tron-inspired, with some cool electroluminescent equipping lighting it up. So for all you astronaut hopefuls out there, take a pretty good luck at the Z-2. It might be your work uniform one day. You can also see a complete infographic about Z-2 here.
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