Watch Sound Make A Liquid Droplet Levitate

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Sound is already pretty much neat. It helps us converse, and the sound of music – though crappy – get us through all of those agonizing high school breakups. Turns out, sound can is also capable of doing some quite mind-boggling things to a drop of liquid. Researchers from Clemson University used an ultrasonic wave to hang a drop of liquid in midair. The audile environment crushes the liquid from its spherical shape, but the droplet’s surface tension permits it to stay together. Now for the truly neat part: They figured out how to control the drop’s shape by increasing the power of the acoustic field. In other words, the greater the frequency and amplitude of the waves, the more awesome the drop would develop. Increase the frequency too much makes the drop completely lose its surface tension and scatters.

Watch the video below for further info on this scientific sound phenomenon.
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