SpaceX Is About To Reveal "The Most Exciting Thing Ever"

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SpaceX, the private space company started by Elon Musk, is about to reveal its ambitious new plans about its future, which have termed as the “most exciting thing ever”. A tantalizing tease about the announcement was shared on twitter by a reporter who claims to have been shown details of the company's next big plan. The ambiguous note has set Twitter and the internet on fire with gossip about whether the company is about to publicize its plans to build a colony on Mars. Musk, the creator of PayPal and Tesla Motors, started SpaceX 13 years ago and has been developing reusable rockets and the Dragon spacecraft to deliver supplies to the International Space Station.

Musk has also lately been describing plans to use nuclear explosions in the atmosphere of Mars to help warm it up and make it more livable for humans. Now according to Chris Bergin, the managing editor and also the founder of space news website NASASpaceFlight, the firm may be about to make that announcement. He posted a tantalizing message on his Twitter after seemingly being presented plans by managers at SpaceX. Chris Bergin wrote: “Tease: It may take weeks, or even months, to be announced, but what I've just been shown is THE most exciting thing EVER. #SpaceX” He later followed this with a second tweet that said: “And I've told myself a trillion times not to exaggerate, but in this case, I'm not.”

The messages instantly encouraged a stream of gossip about what the announcement could be. Noticeably, while Bergin replied to Twitter users who proposed it might be about a new kind of spacecraft thruster called an EM Drive to say it was not this idea, he did not replied to those who asked if it might be about the Mars Colonization Transport.

In a recent post on NASASpaceFlight, Mr Bergin said: “So I better explain. Yes, I am extremely excited. I personally think it's the most exciting info I've ever had the privilege of seeing. I can say to you, with a lot of confidence, everything one hopes SpaceX is, has been promising and may become, is more than you could have hoped for.” 

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