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NASA's Response To Huge Solar Storm 'Will Plunge Earth Into TWO Weeks of Darkness' NEXT Month

I've got several messages and emails about this. YouTube videos and website rumors claim NASA confirmed that from November 15 to 28 a planetary event which sources an enormous solar storm will plunge the whole world into a total blackout for the first time in past one million years. So numerous people wrote the US space agency amongst doubts they were fronting 14 days of night that its scientists, who frequently decline to comment on apocalyptical reports, were forced to publicize a statement rejecting the terrifying event. NASA’s Earth Observatory posted: "Contray to what you may have read or heard, Nasa has in no way issued any statement regarding seven or 14 days of darkness in November due to a solar storm. “All these rumours are absolutely false. We have received so much mail on this I decided to at least mention it, so everyone take care and enjoy all the days remaining in 2015, all of which will include both a night and day time period."

The hoax rumor is first believed to have appeared on the website. And the article which explained this phenomenon with some serious words made lots of people believe this. The article got almost 100K shares and went viral. The article including images showing a NASA press conference, started as: "NASA has confirmed that the Earth will experience 15 days of total darkness between November 15 and November 29, 2015. The event, according to Nasa, hasn't occurred in over one million years." The hoax caused in a series of apocalyptical YouTube videos signifying it would cause the end of the world. Thankfully, none of this is true.

So if you see something like this on the internet again, just do one thing before sharing and leading other people to believe this cra*, gather the facts and after that ignore it.

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