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Forget black holes! This Is The Biggest Mystery In The Universe, Claims Stephen Hawking

Stephen hawking has dealt with some of the major questions about the universe but Professor Stephen Hawking has exposed one mystery still puzzles him – women (yup Women). Making the comments throughout a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) gathering, the renowned physicist said the opposite sex is 'life's most fascinating mystery,' but confessed it is a mystery that should remain unsolved. Even though the questions were asked back in July, Hawking has only just answered, conversing topics as diverse as artificial intelligence destroying mankind to his favorite song. Elsewhere, he repeated claims he hasmade earlier about the threat of artificial intelligence adding that the extreme risk from AI will be its capability to contempt humans rather than intentionally destroy them.

The Reddit AMA with Professor Hawking involved more than 9,000 queries and comments, pushing it to the third most popular of the events that the website has ever hosted. It took almost four months before Professor Hawking was able to reply and he replied to just 11 questions. Most of the queries he picked to answer concentrated on the subject of artificial intelligence – something he has talked about comprehensively recently. Earlier this year he signed a letter, along with numerous other important researchers and computing entrepreneur Elon Musk, cautioning about the threat posed by artificial intelligence. He has also warned that robots may ultimately take over human know-how in the next century and so it was crucial scientists safeguarded their goals are aligned to those of humanity.

The Reddit conversation is also not the first time Professor Hawking, who 
has been married and divorced twice in past, has admitted to being mystified by the opposite sex. In a discussion in 2012 to celebrate his 70th birthday, he confessed he spent most of the day thinking about women. His exact words were: 'They are a complete mystery.'

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