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Earth Is In Serious Danger Of Being Hit By A Catastrophic Comet Shower Caused By The Sun, Warn Scientists

Earth might be in grave danger as the sun's path through the galaxy directs comet soaring towards our planet, scientists have notified. Scientists have acknowledged a 26 million-year cycle of meteor impacts that accords with the timing of mass exterminations over the past 260 million years. The doomsday proceedings are connected to the motion of the sun and its family of planets through the thick mid-plane of the Milky Way. Gravitational disruption of the Oort is supposed to lead to periodic showers of comets pouring through the internal section where the Earth exist in. The last of these happenings is said to have occurred about 11 million years ago, approximately the same time as the Middle Miocene mass extinction.

But according to a geologist Professor Michael Rampino, it could be wrong to assume that we are living in an entirely safe era, millions of years away from the next danger period. He said “There is evidence that the comet activity has been high for the last one to two million years, and some comet orbits are perturbed, so we may be in a shower at the present time. That would agree with our position near the galactic mid-plane, where perturbations from dark matter etc. would be expected.” Dark matter is the mysterious unseen matter that surrounds galaxies and can only be spotted from its gravitational effects.

It is supposed to cover more than 80 per cent of all the matter in the cosmos.

Professor Rampino, from New York University, and associate Professor Ken Caldeira, from the Carnegie Institution, carried out an investigation of meteor impacts and exterminations using newly accessible data providing more precise age estimates.

They found that six mass destructions connected with the timing of sensitive periods of impact cratering on Earth.

One of the impacts investigated was produced by the large comet or asteroid that hit the Earth 65 million years ago off the Yucatan coast of Mexico and is said to be the reason of dinosaur’s extinction.

Five of the six major impact craters accorded with mass extinction events, said the researchers writing in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Prof Rampino said “The correlation between the formation of these impacts and extinction events over the past 260 million years is striking and suggests a cause-and-effect relationship. This cosmic cycle of death and destruction has without a doubt affected the history of life on our planet.” According to the scientist the next cycle of this mass extinction by impact of a space rock is near. 


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