Extreme camera lets you see faster than light

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Light travels at an outrageous speed of 186,282 miles per second, making it difficult to accurately photograph. But there is finally an awesome solution: the super super slow-mo camera. Due to the efforts of a group of researchers at MIT, we can now capture light in travel. They constructed an exceptional camera that shoots one trillion frames per second – which is quite damn fast – and in this way they are able to track the effects of light as it travels across objects. Even though the camera has an enormous speed, it still requires a huge amount of time to create a watchable video. This is due to the fact that lasers and the camera work in combination to seizure the light as it travels through space. But in order to get a whole picture, the camera necessities to take 500 pictures of each part of an object. After that, the frames are joint to generate a video of the lights movement. To learn more about this astonishing development, be sure to watch the video below!

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